According to reports of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO):
"*Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year - approximately 1.3 billion tonnes - gets lost or wasted.
*Per capita waste by consumers is between 95-115 kg a year in Europe and North America, while consumers in sub-Saharan Africa, south and south-eastern Asia, each throw away only 6-11 kg a year.
*Fruits and vegetables, plus roots and tubers have the highest wastage rates of any food.
*Global quantitative food losses and waste per year are roughly 30% for cereals, 40-50% for root crops, fruits and vegetables, 20% for oil seeds, meat and dairy plus 35% for fish."

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That's where we start. Fuyuanzhou(FYZ) established in 2014. We are a Shenzhen manufacturer of innovative vacuum storage containers, zipper bags, wine bottle stoppers, etc.. We devote ourselves to find out the best way to maintain foods, extend the shelf life of foods.

With our 10+ years experience R & D team, after 2 years developing, we finally launch our revolutionary vacuum storage products.

Our patented vacuum food container creates an vacuum space of 350hPa(equal to 8000 meters high), which it's the lowest atmospheric pressure in the market so far. We know that the lower the atmospheric pressure, the less air/oxygen/moisture and longer shelf life of foods. This is the 1st key element of a vacuum sealing container.

With our patented design, our airtight vacuum container keep vacuum for years without any leakage. The better the sealing, the longer the vacuum status. This is the 2nd key element of a vacuum container.
We keep moving to develop better and even better products.

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