1.How to use the vacuum container?

It’s very easy to use.

*Put food/things inside the container.
*Make sure close it tightly. There is a slot on the rubber ring of the lid. The upper edge of the container must be fixed into the rubber slot completely before start pumping.
*Put the pump on the top of the container’s lid, and press it slightly.
*You can set the pumping time by turning the time knob.
*You can check the vacuum status by the vacuum indicator on the lid. When it sink to the bottom, it’s total vacuumed.
*To open it, press these 2 handles inwards. When the vacuum indicator pop up completely, you can open it. It removes so many air, so it takes for a while the release the lid.
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2.How to use the zipper bag?

It’s very easy to use again.

*Put food/things inside the zipper vacuum bag.
*Zip up the bag by the sealing clip.
*Set the pumping time accordingly.
*Connect the connection adaptor to the pump softly.
*Place the adaptor right on the air valve of the zipper bag, and press down. It will start pumping. Make sure there’s no wrinkle under the rubber pad of the adaptor, to avoid leakage.

After finish, take away the pump. That’s it.

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3.How to use the vacuum wine bottle stopper?

Again, It’s very easy to use.

*Cap an opened bottle with our wine stopper.
*Set the pumping time accordingly.
*Place the connection adaptor right on the stopper and press down. It will start pumping.
After finish, take away the pump. That’s it.
To remove the stopper, lift up the red air valve to release it first.
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4.What can I store up in a vacuum container?

You can use our container to store almost everything edible you want. Fruit, berries, vegetable, meats, cereal, dry food, baked food, snakes, dessert, leftover, soup, salad, hard cheese, etc..

Also, our vacuum container is an ideal facility for lens of SLR camera, integrated circuits, or any materials/samples which are sensitive to dust, moisture, oxygen or other gases found in the environment.

However, there are some exceptions. Some fresh fruits/vegetables(such as banana, mushroom, garlic, cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, etc.) are not suitable to be kept in vacuum packaging. They emit gases and may result in a loss of vacuum. Some delicate foods like soft cheeses, soft breads may mold faster/be crushed.

5.Why vacuum packing can keep food fresh and extend its shelf life?

*Our vacuum packing remove the air, so that the foods natural moisture doesn't evaporate through air and is maintained along with all its flavour and texture.
*The removal of oxygen also reduce the speed of oxidation, and the growth of microorganisms and mold causing bacteria.

6. How long can your product keep vacuum?

It depends on what foods you put inside. Normally our container can keep vacuum for at least 2 years.
For zipper bag, at least 3 months.
For wine bottle stopper, at least 2 weeks.

7.Are you sure it can keep vacuum for so long?

Yes, sure.

8.What’s the power supply for the pump?

It’s power by rechargeable Lithium battery, here inside is the battery. Here is the recharging mini USB port. In our kit packing, there comes with a recharging USB cable.

9.Why it is so expensive?

Our cost is high.
To reach such a high vacuum level, we use 4.5mm thickness SAN.
Better quality, higher price.
We save clients money by extend the food’s shelf life much longer than other vacuum products.
Take lettuce for example, keep it in refrigerator, normal packing keeps 2~3 days, other vacuum container keeps 6~7 days, while our vacuum container keeps at least 14days.
You won’t think it’s expensive if you know how good it is.

10.Do you have Patent?

Sure, we have. Please visit our Certificate pages.

11.Do you have any certificate?

Yes, we have CE, RoHS, FCC, FDA.

12.What’s your warranty?

Our products come with a one year warranty.

13.Is the warranty covers all parts of the products?

No. Consumable parts like Li-ion battery is not included.
The body of container is breakable(like glass or ceramics), any damage caused by careless use/wrong operation/man-made damage is not covered by warranty.

14. Can I keep foods in vacuum packings instead of fridge-freezer?

No, you can’t. Fresh foods which need to be kept in fridge-freezer, should be kept in fridge-freezer. Vacuum packing works better in fridge-freezer than room temperature. Especially in summer, high temperature ruins fresh foods easily and quickly.

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