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4L Vacuum container

4L Vacuum container

SKU: F-B00T2100D0000S00 - In Stock

  • Model No: FYZ-T21
  • USD$26.00 USD$24.20 (% off)

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    4L Vacuum container

    4L container-无底
    4L vacuum container 07
    4L vacuum container 08

    High vacuum level, patent design.
    (330hPa absolute pressure inside, equal to 8500 meters high)

    FYZ vacuum container kit1 detail 07

    High airtight technology, keep vacuum for years.

    4L vacuum container 12

    Stackable, save space.

    4L vacuum container 15

    Vacuum indicator, check the vacuum status any time.

    4L vacuum container 16

    Release switch and handle, 2 in 1 delicate design.

    Date & month knob, to record the start time of storage.

    FYZ vacuum container kit1 detail 15

    4.5mm super thick container, strong and durable.

    FYZ vacuum container kit1 detail 16

    SAN material container, crystal clear, luxury and elegant.

    Food grade ABS, SAN & Silicon rubber, BPA/BPS free, safe and sanitary.

    Workable in dishwasher, fridge-freezer, microwave(for defrosting, ≤60℃/140℉).

    FYZ vacuum container kit1 detail 17
    4L vacuum container 20

    Model No.: FYZ-T21

    Packing List:

    4L container * 1 pce


    container size 18(L) * 18(W) * 25(H) cm
    Container volume 4000 mL
    Material Food grade ABS + SAN + Silicon rubber
    Max. Vacuum pressure 35kPa(equal to ALT. 8000 meters)
    FYZ vacuum container kit1 detail 19

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